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17 Happiest Cities In The World to Travel

Happiness is a universal goal that many people pursue in their lives, and their location and travel choices can influence their well-being greatly. That’s why researchers have been exploring the happiest cities in the world in recent years, looking at the factors that make their residents happy. Whether it’s a charming village in Europe with cozy lodgings, a large city in Canada, a hillside city in Asia, or somewhere far away, happiness in cities is easy to find.

This article introduces some of the happiest cities in the world that are famous for their positivity and prosperity. So, get ready and join us on a journey to these wonderful places to discover what makes them so special.

17- Madrid, Spain

Madrid is among the greenest cities in the world, with many public parks and gardens contributing to its “happy” environment


One of the happiest cities in the world is Madrid, Spain. This gorgeous Spanish capital city is not only a crowded and lively area of the country but also a popular destination for tourists.

The bright colors and friendly people make Madrid unique, as well as its impressive scenery, architecture, and cultural monuments. This is not only a joyful place to visit, but also a wonderful place to live and grow a family.

  • World Happiness Score: 6.5
  • Safety Index: 73.14
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,612 per month

16- Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s happiness levels are due to citizens’ freedom, high life expectancy, and great social support


Vienna is the world’s most livable city, according to many rankings, and it is also home to some of the happiest people on Earth. This high happiness level comes from great public services, diverse cultural opportunities, and solid social connections.

The capital of Austria also boasts a superb art and music scene, delicious food, and a beautiful and clean urban landscape.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.0
  • Safety Index: 70.28
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,788 per month

15- San Jose, California

The State of California dominates the list of the happiest cities in America


One more happy city in the world is San Jose, California. With about 300 sunny days a year, San Jose has attracted many families, couples, and students to live there.

With the beautiful mountains around it and the forward-thinking local government and support for human rights, San Jose is a real treasure in California.

  • American Cities Happiness Score: 70.35
  • Safety Index: 49.68
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $3,650 per month

14- Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is happy due to a high quality of life and work-life balance


Auckland, New Zealand, is a vibrant city where happiness is more than just a state of mind; it’s a lifestyle. With its breathtaking natural landscapes, lively nightlife, and relaxed Kiwi culture, Auckland’s happiness is contagious, and it’s obvious why.

Auckland’s happiness index is influenced by many amazing factors, such as green spaces, weather, and scenery, but the most important factor seems to be its dedication to a healthy work-life balance. Auckland’s welcoming environment, job opportunities, and outdoor activities create happy and balanced people, making it one of the world’s happiest cities.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.2
  • Safety Index: 50.38
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,162 per month

13- Brisbane, Australia

This Australian city is packed with energy, a lively downtown, and nice weather, producing happy residents


Brisbane is a city that radiates happiness with its sunny streets, relaxed atmosphere, and vibrant energy. The locals are welcoming, the weather is ideal for most of the year, and people are always having fun in Brisbane’s outdoor spaces around the city, which is the ideal formula for happiness.

There are countless amazing things to do in Brisbane that will keep travelers entertained. To experience happiness in Brisbane, visitors should check out the South Bank Parklands, white sandy beaches, and the Brisbane Riverwalk.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.3
  • Safety Index: 63.39
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,115 per month

12- Toronto, Canada

Strong social ties with friends, family, and work colleagues are a major factor in why Canadians are among the happiest people in the world


Toronto is a city that has more than 2.7 million people, making it one of the happiest places in the world, as well as one of the biggest cities in Canada and the capital of Ontario. Toronto has many attractions and is a diverse and multicultural city with a beautiful skyline that includes the famous CN Tower, one of the highest freestanding structures in the world.

The city is also known for its lively markets and flourishing food scene that offers dishes from different cultures. The city is a welfare society that provides a strong social safety net and free healthcare and education, making life comfortable and happy for its people.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.3
  • Safety Index: 56.90
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,544

11- Reykjavík, Iceland

A lot of Iceland’s working population enjoys a high-income job with a generous social package


Reykjavik is the biggest and most populous city of Iceland, located on the southwest coast of the island. Reykjavik has many attractions and activities, as the city is surrounded by a stunning landscape of glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers, with many parks and green areas for outdoor enjoyment.

Reykjavik fosters a close-knit community with a robust welfare system, free education and healthcare services, and a low crime rate, making the city happier and more satisfied.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.3
  • Safety Index: 75.75
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,534 per month

10- Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden offers social welfare and a high safety index, which greatly contributes to the happiness index


Stockholm is the biggest and most populous city in Sweden, located on the east coast of the country. One of the main attractions of Stockholm is its beautiful archipelago, made up of more than 24,000 islands and islets, providing spectacular natural scenery to the city.

Stockholm has diverse architecture, blending medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary styles, giving it a distinctive charm. The city is dedicated to social welfare and provides a robust safety net with assistance for families with children, making the city happier and more satisfied.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.4
  • Safety Index: 54.11
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,917 per month

9- Amsterdam, Netherlands

The latest World Happiness Report ranks the Dutch as the 5th happiest people in the world


Amsterdam is the biggest and most populous city of the Netherlands, famous for its unique architecture with a mix of narrow houses, gabled facades, and canals that earned it the nickname of the “Venice of the North.” The city values a sustainable environment by supporting a cycling culture and providing a network of bike lanes, making it easy to travel around the city.

Moreover, Amsterdam fosters tech startups and researchers, creating a sense of community and a great work-life balance with a welcoming environment for growth, making the city happier and more satisfied. For tourists, it’s a popular European destination with many iconic attractions. Still, there are also many hidden gems in Amsterdam for those who want a more tranquil experience away from the crowds.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.4
  • Safety Index: 71.61
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,380 per month

8- Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand’s dedication to promoting individual freedom greatly raises the people’s happiness index


With a population of about 200,000, Wellington is New Zealand’s second-largest and most culturally and politically significant city. It attracts visitors with its lively culture, varied cuisines, and stunning natural scenery, featuring a beautiful harbor and hills. Wellington is known as one of the world’s happiest cities, thanks to its warm and friendly vibe and its many events that celebrate community spirit. Tourists can find a lot of things to enjoy in Wellington.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.5
  • Safety Index: 66.20
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,214 per month

7- Zurich, Switzerland

According to the World Happiness Report 2023, Switzerland has dropped four spots from being the happiest country in the world


Zürich is Switzerland’s biggest and most affluent city, located in the north-central region of the country. It boasts stunning natural beauty, with Lake Zürich’s sparkling waters and the Swiss Alps’ snowy mountains. Zürich ensures a high standard of living with its superb education and healthcare systems and its low environmental impact, making it one of the world’s happiest cities.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.5
  • Safety Index: 77.88
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $3,335 per month

6- Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s high sense of community and healthy, active lifestyle make it a prospering city


Copenhagen is the capital and the biggest city of Denmark, with about 800,000 people living on the eastern shore of Zealand island. It is a cultural, business, and tourist hub that combines historical charm and modern innovation, with a stunning medieval old town and futuristic buildings.

The city also stands out for its dedication to sustainability and gender equality by supporting LGBTQ+ rights, social justice, and environmentalism, making it one of the world’s most prosperous and happy cities. Tourists who visit Copenhagen for a few days or weeks will soon discover the reasons for its happiness when they explore it themselves.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.5
  • Safety Index: 73.79
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,371 per month

5- Bergen, Norway

“Koselig,” a mix of companionship, nature, and promotion of self-well-being, is the leading factor of happiness among Norwegians


Bergen is Norway’s second-biggest and most culturally significant city, with about 280,000 people living on the southwest coast of the country. It has amazing natural beauty, with seven gorgeous mountains and fjords around it.

The city also offers a high-quality life with its great healthcare system and living standards, and it is a center for innovation and technology, supporting a green community.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.5
  • Safety Index: 75.11
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,853 per month

4- Oslo, Norway

Norway’s rich natural scenery is a major contributor to its high happiness index


Oslo is a big European city that cares a lot about keeping a green and natural cityscape with many parks and woods. This gives people many chances to enjoy outdoor activities and get some fresh air. Oslo also has a lot of other attractions that make its residents and visitors happy.

Besides, Oslo has a strong economy and a high level of social equality, which makes it one of the happiest cities in the world.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.5
  • Safety Index: 66.79
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $2,127 per month

3- Aarhus, Denmark

The Danish concept of “hygge” contributes greatly to the country’s high happiness index


Aarhus is Denmark’s second-biggest and most economically important city, located on the east shore of the Jutland peninsula. It has about 350,000 people who enjoy a high standard of living and happiness.

Aarhus hosts one of the best universities in Scandinavia, attracting many students and making the city vibrant and young. Another key factor for the city’s happiness is its commitment to sustainability and green living by urging its people to reduce their carbon emissions and switch to clean energy sources.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.6
  • Safety Index: 78.07
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,798 per month

2- Fremont, California

Fremont is considered the happiest city in the US


Fremont is another Californian city where the citizens are very happy. It is near the San Francisco Bay Area and has beautiful farms, gardens, and a rich history. One of the reasons why this city has stayed positive for so long is its thriving job market. Fremont is known as the “hardware side” of Silicon Valley and has over 900 advanced manufacturing companies, which make up 1 out of every 4 jobs.

People who have jobs are usually happier. Fremont also has a low depression rate, which helps it have a high happiness index. It is also the happiest city in America.

  • American Cities Happiness Score: 76.10
  • Safety Index: 56.04
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $3,236 per month

1- Helsinki, Finland

The Finns have been ranked the happiest people in the world for the past five years


Helsinki is the capital and the third-biggest city of Finland, located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. It is often ranked as the world’s happiest city because it offers a high quality of life, with excellent education, public transport, and healthcare for its 650,000 people.

Another reason why this European city is one of the happiest places to live in the world is its work-life balance. The city supports a social welfare system, with a lot of help for families with children and generous parental leave policies. Tourists who visit Helsinki for a weekend will see how happy its people are and understand why.

  • World Happiness Score: 7.8
  • Safety Index: 75.36
  • Monthly Cost Of Living: $1,856 per month

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