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About the sea and mountains of Hurghada

About the sea and mountains of Hurghada

sea and mountains of Hurghada

About Hurghada Mountains:

The Red Sea Governorate is characterized by a series of giant mountains in the middle of it from the north to the south from the western side of it, these gigantic, towering mountains, among them, are three known mountain peaks with history and well-known names that the people of the desert take as a guide in their travels, and mountain safari lovers and adventurers adore them, and it is the highest Three mountain peaks in the Red Sea: “Al-Shayeb,” “Hamata,” and “Elba”.

In the southwest of Hurghada, specifically about 45 km, Jabal Shayeb, which is the highest mountain peak in the Red Sea,

is located southwest of Hurghada, which is the highest mountain peak in the Red Sea. From the governorate of Qena and Sinai.

About the sea and mountains of Hurghada

Sea and enjoy the atmosphere of Hurghada:

1- Hurghada covers an area of ​​40 km from the coastal strip of the Red Sea, and is characterized by its bright sun throughout the year and its wonderful coral reefs.

2- It has dozens of fun attractions that you can head to in an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

3- Among the three best areas for snorkeling, however, it is a suitable place for everyone, even non-divers, as fun on the beach, fun water sports, clubbing, and golfing are only a few of the options available to you.

4- You can enjoy a relaxing vacation by choosing one or two types of treatment in the best health resorts in Hurghada. Hurghada is a city full of luxury resorts scattered between Sekala, Dahar, and The Walk, and it includes a large number of resorts overlooking the sea, mid-range hotels, and many restaurants. As for luxury resorts, they are scattered in the south of Sakala, while Al-Dahar includes the charming old part of the city, with its rich bazaars.

6- The walkway, which is meant by the village road, is the modern part of Hurghada, where you can visit several luxury places nearby, such as Soma   Bay, Makadi Bay, and Hasheesh Plain

7- Hurghada, or the capital of the Red Sea Riviera, is located in the south of Suez Governorate, 550 km from Cairo, and you can reach it either by boat ride from Sharm El-Sheikh via Luxor or from Hurghada International Airport.

8- Hurghada has a degree of Moderate heat throughout the year, its desert climate leads to large differences in temperature between day and night,   as it is hot during the day and cold at night, especially during the winter months, and the maximum coldness reaches 18 degrees Celsius and peaks at   42 degrees Celsius.

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