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hurghadians property

Hurghadians Property


Hurghadians Property real estate investment company.​

Hurghadians Property Real Estate for sale

Hurghadians Property is a Hurghada-based private real estate investment company.​
Hurghadians Property offers you a great variety of properties in Hurghada, Sahl HasheeshEl GounaMakadi, and Soma Bay.
Above all, we have built an enviable reputation as an outstanding brokerage firm,
serving the needs of both developers and individual home buyers alike,
throughout the Red Sea region.
This is achieved by our knowledge of the needs of both domestic and international investors.

We choose for you the best developments in the most attractive locations with fair prices.

If you need to buy, rent, or sell an apartment, villa,
or commercial unit in the Red Sea zone,
we’ll be the ones to deliver the best and most trustworthy service.

Progress & Stats

Property Location

  • 75% Hurghada
  • 5% Sahl Hasheesh
  • 19% Soma Bay
  • 1% Others

Property Type

  • 58% Apartment
  • 1% Condo
  • 1% Duplex
  • 11% Projects
  • 89% Residential
  • 15% Studio
  • 13% Villa

Property Status

  • 49% For Sale
  • 51% Others

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