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Diving safari, Red Sea

Diving safari in the depths of the Red Sea is on the list of marine activities that attract tourists

Red Sea, Diving safari

Safari diving trips to the depths of the remote islands of the Red Sea topped the list of tourist activities for tourists who visit the Red Sea from diving enthusiasts from Europe to spend their vacations aboard safari diving trips.

Diving safari, Red Sea

Tourists participating in safari diving trips, according to the assurances of the environmental researcher in the Red Sea reserves,

Dr. Ahmed Ghallab gathered them from amateurs practicing safari diving in remote areas and around the offshore islands. and diverse coral reefs.

Ali Saeed, a diving guide, said that the duration of the safari diving trip to the depths of remote islands ranges from a week to 10 days, Tourists spend most of the time in the depths with fish, turtles, sharks, and coral reefs and complete the day on board the boats.

For his part, Ayman Taher, an environmental consultant, and diving expert confirmed that the boats that operate in safari diving tourism are equipped with advanced means of satellite communication and 24-hour follow-up,

The boat includes bedrooms, a restaurant, toilets, and a compressor for preparing diving cylinders. for food processing.

The most important diving areas that are visited on the safari diving trip are the areas of the two brothers’ islands and reefs, Abu al-Kizan and al-Finston, which are the most important stops for diving between 3 or 4 dives throughout the day,

On the way back, a number of other diving areas are passed in Qusayr, Safaga, and Hurghada. Upon reaching the end of the trip, the tourists will take a marketing tour inside Hurghada for several hours, then go to the airport and leave for their country,

carrying with them souvenir photos while they are in the depths of the Red Sea among sharks and coral reefs. The most famous of which are Elphinston, the Two Brothers, Abu Al-Kizan, and Aquamarine.

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