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Soma Breeze, Soma Bay

Egypt Facility Management Market is expected to reach $600M, by 2026

The report covers Cleaning Services in Egypt, Commercial Facility Services in Egypt, Egypt’s Commercial Projects, Egypt’s Electromechanical Services, Egypt’s Facility Management Industry,

Egypt’s Fire Safety, and Security Systems, Egypt’s Hard Services Market, Egypt’s Housekeeping Services Market, Egypt’s Infrastructural Projects, Egypt Integrated Facility Market, Egypt Landscaping Services Market, Egypt Operations and Maintenance Services,

Egypt Residential Projects, Egypt Security Services Market, Egypt Single Services Facility Industry, Egypt Soft Services Market.

Egypt Facility Management Market

Soma Breeze, Soma Bay

1- Due to the increasing number of younger people, ex-pats, and government-sponsored affordable housing programs for the less fortunate, residential units are a rapidly growing segment that should be given special attention.

2- In the near future, it is anticipated that the industry will witness an influx of new companies, particularly real estate developers and international players with more advanced technology-enabled service delivery.

3- The growth of smart cities, new infrastructure projects, and increased focus on tourism and hospitality are driving the revenue of commercial facility management services.

Growing Industrial Sector:

The demand for FM services in the industrial sector is expected to experience the highest growth during 2021-2026F. This is due to the increasing demand for commercial office spaces, as well as the adoption of light business models, which enable firms to enter new markets quickly.

Technological Advancements:

The integration of technology into the FM industry in Egypt can lead to improved quality of services, cost reduction, and reduced dependence on labor. This can be achieved through the use of various techniques and advancements in innovation and technology, such as the observation of the external envelope of buildings to detect damage that would otherwise be difficult to reach manually.

Focus on Green Building Management & Energy Efficiency:

Efforts are being made to explore the correlation between green building key management practices and green building performance, and to reduce operational costs through the implementation of both structural and non-structural energy management approaches, all while minimizing the negative impact on humans and their environment.

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