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Egypt, Rixos Premium Alamein opens its doors on the Egyptian coast

Egypt, Nestled on the shores of Egypt’s Mediterranean, the Rixos Premium Alamein emerges as a beacon of sophistication and indulgence. This stunning resort is a symphony of elegance and comfort, beckoning travelers to a world where luxury is the norm and every stay is a journey to remember.


Encompassing six architectural marvels, the resort boasts 469 residences alongside 732 rooms and suites, each a sanctuary of light and serenity, offering views that rival the splendor of the Egyptian Maldives. The white sands merge seamlessly with the azure waters, crafting a panorama that captivates the soul.

Adventure and relaxation coexist harmoniously here, with water sports galore and a choice of pools, including the mesmerizing infinity pool, to dip into the essence of leisure.

Epicurean delights await at the resort’s five signature à la carte restaurants, complemented by 10 bars, each promising a unique taste and ambiance.

The Spa and Wellness Center at Rixos Premium Alamein is a temple of tranquility, offering massages and rituals that transcend the ordinary. At the same time, the Exclusive Sport Club redefines fitness with cutting-edge equipment, bespoke training, and a community pulsating with energy.

A mere hour’s drive from Borg El Arab Airport, the resort is an accessible paradise.

Entertainment is the heart of the resort, with live shows that spark with energy and melodies that touch the spirit. For the little ones, the Rixy Kids Club is a haven of fun and learning, a secure playground brimming with games and creativity.

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Erkan Yildirim, Managing Director of Rixos Hotels Egypt, encapsulates the essence of the resort: “Rixos Premium Alamein transcends the concept of a hotel; it is a destination where the allure of the Mediterranean is woven into every experience. Our dedication to excellence is unwavering as we strive to curate moments that etch themselves into the hearts of our guests, forever defining what it means to be truly hospitable.”

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