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EL DAHAR- Tradition And Modern

El Dahar is the “original” Hurghada and existed as a fishing village long before the area was ‘discovered’ by mass tourism.

To experience a culture is to smell, hear, and taste it. Where better to do this than at traditional markets where people have been trading for thousands of years? When you travel to Hurghada,

visiting the souks in Dahar is a must. They are exotic, mysterious, adventurous, and completely different from European markets.

Whoever marches over the souks will get hungry at the latest at the sight of the fresh dates, nuts, and spices.



The souk offers traditional goods, spices, fruit, and local delicacies.

Dahar offers a large selection of shopping possibilities.

At the bazaar of Dahar, you will find many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops,

and numerous traders with spices, jewelry, perfume oil, papyrus, and other precious objects of the Orient.

SOUK – The market
You can buy fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, and herbs for very little money.

Whether in spring, summer, or winter, you can find fresh strawberries, guavas, oranges, mangoes, watermelons, and grapes: peaches and spinach.

In autumn, you can find dates, pomegranates, and figs.

The market (in the Arabic souk) is located south of the roundabout at El Dahar Square.
Making at least a short trip to the old town pays off.

Here you will experience the typical Egyptian life of the locals.

Souks are mystical places with an extraordinary atmosphere.

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