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Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The Global Outlook 2023

One of the most comprehensive and authoritative sources of information on the global real estate market is the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, jointly published by PwC and the Urban Land Institute. The report is based on interviews with senior property investment professionals and regional surveys conducted in Europe, the United States and Canada, and the Asia Pacific.

Real estate

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According to the report, the underlying narrative around real estate in 2023 is one of caution. However, there is some hope for stability and renewed investment activity later in the year following the uncertainty of high inflation and rising interest rates over the past 12 months. The report identifies some of the key themes and challenges that will influence the real estate industry in 2023, such as:

  • Making offices fit for purpose: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the office sector and raised questions about the future of work and the workplace. The report suggests that office landlords must offer more flexibility, amenities, sustainability, and digital connectivity to attract and retain tenants in a hybrid working world.
  • Focusing on alternative sectors: As traditional sectors such as retail and hospitality face structural headwinds, investors are increasingly looking for opportunities in alternative sectors that offer higher returns and more resilience. Some emerging sectors include data centers, life sciences, healthcare, senior housing, student housing, self-storage, and single-family rentals.
  • Pursuing ESG strategies: Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are becoming more critical for real estate investors and stakeholders as they seek to align their portfolios with global sustainability goals and social values. The report highlights that ESG is not only a risk management tool but also a source of competitive advantage and value creation.
  • Leveraging technology and innovation: Technology and innovation drive transformation and disruption in the real estate industry, creating new opportunities and challenges for investors and operators. The report emphasizes that real estate players must embrace digitalization, data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, intelligent buildings, protection, and fintech to enhance efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and differentiation.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2023 – PwC

Another valuable resource for understanding the real estate trends of 2023 is the Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2023 report by PwC. The report focuses on the US market and provides insights from interviews with more than 1,600 industry leaders. The report reveals that the real estate industry is moving beyond what it perceives as cyclical headwinds — i.e., rising interest rates, declining gross domestic product (GDP), sinking deal flows — and taking a long-term approach to real estate assets.

The report also reconfirms two sometimes contradictory property market trends: Aspects of the industry are “normalizing” (reverting to pre-COVID patterns). In contrast, others appear to have permanently changed as the pandemic has altered how and where we use different properties. Some of the key themes from this report are:

  • Workforce transformation: The report explores how the changing nature of work and workforce will impact the real estate industry. It discusses how employers rethink their talent strategies, how employees demand more flexibility and choice, how remote piece affects migration patterns and housing demand, and how diversity, equity, and inclusion are becoming more critical for business success.
  • Sustainability and climate change: The report examines how sustainability and climate change influence the real estate industry. It analyzes how investors incorporate ESG criteria into their decision-making process, how regulators impose more stringent environmental standards and disclosures, how developers adopt green building practices and certifications, and how occupiers seek more energy-efficient and healthy spaces.
  • Deals and capital markets: The report evaluates how the real estate industry’s sales and capital markets evolve. It assesses how deal activity is recovering from the pandemic-induced slowdown, how capital sources diversify and expand across geographies and sectors, how valuations reflect market realities and expectations, and how deal structures are becoming more complex and innovative.

Real Estate Trends 2023: Forecast from Industry Experts – Ascendix Tech

A third source of information on the real estate trends of 2023 is the blog post by Ascendix Tech, a software development company specializing in real estate solutions. The blog post summarizes the predictions from various industry experts on the future of real estate technology in 2023. Some of the main points from this blog post are:

  • According to Deloitte, one of the sweeping real estate trends in 2023 is the industry-wide reduction in real estate tech expenses amidst soaring inflation, growing labor costs, and ongoing supply chain uncertainty.
  • Another trend expected to dominate the real estate industry in 2023 is the adoption of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) solutions, which offer scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility for real estate businesses.
  • A third trend likely to shape the real estate industry in 2023 is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimize various processes and tasks, such as data analysis, lead generation, property valuation, marketing, customer service, and risk management.


The real estate industry faces a complex and uncertain environment in 2023, with multiple factors affecting its performance and prospects. However, the sector also demonstrates resilience and adaptability as it embraces new opportunities and challenges. By understanding the critical real estate trends expected to emerge in 2023 and beyond, real estate professionals can prepare themselves for the future and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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