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Europe, 7 European Cities To Retire For Under $2,000 A Month

Europe, Embarking on retirement presents an opportunity to embrace a new, adventurous chapter in life. As living expenses soar in North America, with cities like Toronto and New York City averaging monthly costs exceeding $4,000, retirees often find themselves financially strained during what should be a leisurely and enjoyable phase.

This financial pinch is a compelling incentive to explore the hidden gems of Europe—underrated cities where a comfortable lifestyle awaits for under $2,000 a month. These figures, drawn from Expatistan’s single-person monthly expense estimates, including rent, open the door to various charming and economical European locales for retirement. Discover these exceptional, budget-friendly European destinations that promise a serene retirement.

7- Porto, Portugal

From $1752 per month for a single person


Porto, nestled northwest of Portugal, offers a serene and enriching retirement experience. Renowned for its role in the wine industry, this picturesque city is conveniently sized for walking. It is ideal for retirees who prefer to stroll to local markets, lush parks such as Parque da Cidade do Porto, and iconic sites like the Porto Cathedral.

Portugal’s commendable healthcare system is a boon for expatriates, offering supplementary insurance options. The esteemed Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto, one of the nation’s top hospitals serves the city. Moreover, Portugal stands out as one of the most economical European countries for retirees seeking quality healthcare without the hefty price tag, presenting Porto as a desirable destination for health-conscious seniors seeking a cost-effective retirement.

Crime Rate:21.09 per 1,0000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:36.3% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$1010 for one bedroom

6- Valencia, Spain

From $1750 per month for a single person


Valencia, often overlooked, is a great place to visit and an excellent choice for retirement in Europe. It’s budget-friendly for individuals or couples, and its compact nature makes it easy to navigate on foot. Public transportation is readily available for longer journeys, saving the expense of car ownership and fuel.

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As the third-largest city in Spain, Valencia provides a wealth of amenities and cultural experiences akin to those found in Barcelona and Madrid, but without the hefty costs. The city thrives as a center for the arts, boasting landmarks such as the Mercat Central de València, the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, enriching the lives of its residents with a vibrant cultural scene.

Crime Rate:22.35 per 1,000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:27% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$1068 for one bedroom

5- Ljubljana, Slovenia

From $1678 per month for a single person


Ljubljana, Slovenia’s enchanting capital, remains one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Due to its cost-effectiveness and stunning scenery, it’s an excellent choice for a leisurely weekend getaway and an equally appealing retirement spot. The meandering Ljubljanica River, flanked by charming boutiques and cozy cafés, sets a relaxed rhythm perfect for retirees seeking a serene lifestyle.

The city has green havens like Tivoli Park, offering ample outdoor enjoyment. Cultural enrichment abounds with institutions such as the National Museum of Slovenia and the Museum of Modern Art. Healthcare in Ljubljana is top-notch and freely available to citizens. Expatriate retirees should review their entitlements, as they might need to supplement with private insurance for comprehensive coverage.

Crime Rate:40.96 per 1,000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:45% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$901 for one bedroom

4- Belgrade, Serbia

From $1637 per month for a single person


Belgrade, Serbia’s vibrant capital, may not be widely recognized as a retirement haven, but it certainly deserves attention from American retirees. Known for attracting youthful travelers with its lively nightlife and economical accommodations, Belgrade offers a quaint, historic charm and cost-effective living suitable for seniors.

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Retirees considering Serbia will find it a financially savvy choice, especially compared to neighboring countries like Hungary, Croatia, and Romania. The city’s modest size lends itself to walkability, and an abundance of parks and green spaces contribute to a wholesome and active lifestyle.

Crime Rate:23.6 per 1,000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:60% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$789 for a one bedroom

3- Alicante, Spain

From $1616 per month for a single person


Alicante presents a splendid retirement choice in Spain, promising a fulfilling lifestyle for under $2000 a month. This port city in southeastern Costa Blanca has historic, walkable streets, vibrant houses, and scenic waterfronts. It’s a serene Mediterranean haven that blends the tranquility of urban beaches with the convenience of city shopping.

Healthcare is readily accessible, with several options near the city center, such as Hospital Vithas Alicante and General University Hospital of Alicante, ensuring peace of mind for retirees.

Crime Rate:22.35 per 1,000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:27% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$910 for one bedroom

2- Riga, Latvia

From $1,359 per month for a single person


Retirement in the Baltics allows Americans to immerse themselves in the European way of life without the high living costs. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a city steeped in history, with its medieval Old Town nestled at the confluence of the River Daugava.

For English-speaking retirees, navigating communication in Latvia is manageable, as many locals are trilingual, speaking Latvian, Russian, and English. This linguistic diversity can ease the transition for expatriates.

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Riga is a vibrant, walkable city adorned with exquisite Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. Retirees can enjoy leisurely shopping at the Riga Central Market, explore the historical grandeur of Riga Castle, or relax in the lush surroundings of Kronvalda Park.

Crime Rate:21.09 per 1,000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:56% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$517 for one bedroom

1- Sofia, Bulgaria

From $1121 per month for a single person


Sofia, nestled in the heart of the Balkans, is an attractive destination for retirees seeking an affordable European lifestyle for under $2000 a month. Bulgaria’s capital is a treasure trove of historical, artistic, and cultural experiences, complemented by the breathtaking landscapes of nearby mountains. It is ideal for those who appreciate urban charm and nature’s allure.

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Positioned in the Sofia Valley, at the base of Vitosha Mountain, Sofia offers a more tranquil and less crowded alternative to other Eastern European capitals like Tallinn or Prague. This allows for a leisurely pace of life, where the cost of living remains modest due to the lower influx of tourists.

Crime Rate:18.93 per 1,000
Cost of Living Comparison to the US:53% more affordable
Average Rent Per Month:$533 for a one bedroom

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