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For the second year in a row, ALDAU Development announces the 2nd edition of the ALDAU International Art Festival in the mesmerizing city of Hurghada.

ALDAU Development is hosting the second edition of the ALDAU International Art Festival (AIAF) in Hurghada. This ten-day event brings together over 35 amazing artists from different countries to collaborate and showcase their work at the Red Sea’s ALDAU Art Promenade. The festival aims to promote art and culture and foster a cross-cultural dialogue among the artists and attendees.


The festival, which runs from September 22nd to October 1st, 2023, is supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and the Red Sea Governorate.

Malak Shenouda, Head of Arts at ALDAU Development, said: “We want to invite artists to Hurghada and create a supportive environment for them to exchange experiences, explore new ideas, and produce artworks together.”

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Mayada Abdelmotteleb, Head of Marketing, added: “We hope to make AIAF the main event that will turn Hurghada into an artistic destination and ALDAU Art Promenade into a cultural hub.”

The festival features art workshops, talks, an exhibition, and an opening ceremony that will wow the audience.

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