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Grand Egyptian Museum to open between October and February

Ahmed Eissa, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt, revealed that the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is expected to open between October and February.


In a press conference, he stated that the GEM and its surrounding area are being finalized. He also said the project would be submitted to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to determine the official opening date. The new GEM, which covers about 500,000 square meters, is close to the Giza Pyramids and will host the most extensive collection of ancient artifacts from one civilization’s legacy.

The GEM will also exhibit 5,000 items from Tutankhamun’s group, among which 2,000 are being shown for the first time. The museum features large display rooms and is notable for its closeness to the Giza pyramids area and the New Administrative Capital, which makes it a link between Egypt’s history, current, and future.

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