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Marsa Alam Airport

Marsa Alam Airport, Red Sea, Egypt

Marsa Alam International Airport is an international airport located 60 km north of Marsa Alam in Egypt. It is an important destination for leisure flights from Europe.

It was built in response to the increasing needs of European travelers to this southern Red Sea destination, along with other airports on the Red Sea such as Hurghada International Airport,

being inaugurated on 16 October 2003.

The official name of the airport until 2011 was Marsa Mubarak Airport. The airport is privately owned and operated by EMAK Marsa Alam for Management & Operation Airports,

a subsidiary of the M.A. Al-Kharafi Group of Kuwait.


The Gateway to The South Red Sea

Marsa Alam Airport

Marsa Alam International Airport is an essential ingredient to making the city a perfect place to live,

do business or spend a stress-free holiday.

It has become very convenient to fly into Marsa Alam domestically from inside Egypt or internationally from any other country to find full service and help from the professional airport team.

Being the only privately owned and operated international commercial airport in Egypt, we guarantee your satisfaction.

With that much effort put into making it unique,

Marsa Alam Airport was successfully negotiated by M.A Al-Kharafi Group of Kuwait with the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority,

to become the first airport in aviation history to operate under a complete BOT system. Granted 40 years, EMAK Marsa Alam for Management and Operation of Airports plans on making a unique and stirring experience for the South Red Sea visitors.

Marsa Alam Airport, Red Sea, Egypt

Marsa Alam Airport FEATURES:

24-hour service for both international and domestic flights.

  • High seasons don’t matter as currently, our capacity is 1200 passengers/hour through a 13 aircraft apron, to rise to 2500 pax/hour through a 26 aircraft apron soon.
  • Our 45 m wide and 3,240 m long runway has both simple approach and precision approach lighting. All jets CAT “D” are welcome to land.
  • Our control tower is fully equipped with NAVAID facilities, DVOR-DME, and a dual power supply source.
    Yes, you can buy your Duty-Free on arrival in this country.
  • Many gateway airports in this territory have arrival duty-free shopping facilities in the baggage claim area where you can buy tax-free goods before you pass through customs.

  • But, these stores are normally only located in the international arrival area of gateway airports, so if you are taking a domestic connecting flight,
  • it is best to buy at your first point of arrival in the country.
    An arrivals duty-free facility not only enables you to pick up any last-minute items that you were unable to buy at your outbound airport,
  • but it gives you the inbound duty-free shopping opportunity to buy liquid products such as spirits or wine, so you can avoid any potential problems like confiscation by security.


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