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Neighborhood Spotlight: Exploring Up-and-Coming Apartment Districts in Hurghada

Hurghada, Egypt, has long been synonymous with sun, sea, and relaxation. Beyond the well-known resort areas are some hidden gems rapidly gaining popularity among apartment seekers. Let’s spotlight these emerging neighborhoods, where you’ll find attractive apartments, exciting amenities, and local attractions.


1. Al Ahyaa District

Location: North of Hurghada city

  • Why Consider Al Ahyaa?
    • Beautiful Beaches: Al Ahyaa boasts a long coastline with sandy beaches and clear water. Unlike the crowded city center, these beaches offer tranquility and peace.
    • Diving and Snorkeling: Explore rich coral reefs and marine life. Dive sites like Abu Hashish and Abu Ramada await adventure seekers.
    • Easy Access: Al Ahyaa is conveniently close to El Gouna and Hurghada. El Gouna, a luxury town, is just 15 minutes away by car.
    • Affordable Prices: Al Ahyaa is still developing, making it more budget-friendly than other districts.

2. Sahl Hasheesh

  • Why Sahl Hasheesh?
    • Pristine Beaches: This area offers prime white-sand beaches and child-free hotels. Snorkel in an artificial coral reef or play golf on a championship course.
    • Luxury Resorts: Sahl Hasheesh hosts some of the Red Sea’s best hotels, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

3. Makadi Bay

  • Why Makadi Bay?
    • Stunning Views: Enjoy pool views from two-bedroom apartments. Makadi Orascom Resort offers elegant living spaces.
    • Affordability: Furnished apartments cater to various budgets.
    • Diving and Water Activities: Explore the underwater world or relax by the pool.

4. El Gouna

  • Why El Gouna?
    • Luxury Living: El Gouna features spas, thalassotherapy centers, and private beaches.
    • Vibrant Atmosphere: Interact with locals, dine at restaurants, and explore the Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

These up-and-coming districts promise affordability, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Hurghada’s emerging neighborhoods have something for everyone.

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