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Cairo is counting down its last days as the capital of Egypt. In the pictures, you see a city that is under construction that should be the new administrative capital of Egypt. The new capital still has no name and has been built since 2015., there is a survey on the internet where the proposals for the name of the new capital. The construction of the new capital is part of the Egyptian development project called ′′ Egypt Vision 2030 “.

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The urban zone of the city will be on an area of 714 km2 which is almost like the surface of Singapore. The new capital will be built 45 kilometers east of Cairo halfway to Suec. The city will be the administrative and financial capital of Egypt where the headquarters of the government, ministry, and foreign embassy will be. Over 7 people will live here. The main reason for the construction of the new capital is the burden of the second capital of Cairo,


which is already one of the most versatile cities on the planet, and expectations are that in the next few decades, the number of residents of the wider Cairo with the current 20 million will double. The city is planned to have 21 districts for housing and 25 districts for everything else. The city center will have 20 skyscrapers which will be the largest Oblisco Capitale designed in the form of a Pharaonic Oblast and will be the highest construction on the planet and will be completed by 2030. The construction of the Iconic tower is coming to an end and it is already with its 386 meters tallest construction in Africa.

The city will own a central park that will be twice the Central Park in New York, several artificial lakes, 2 educational institutions, a technological and innovative park, 663 hospitals and clinics, 1 mosque and church, 90 seat stadium, 40 hotel rooms, 90 km2 of solar-photovoltaic power plants, electric railway to Cairo, a direct railway connection to Giza, a fast railway to El Alamein and Alexandria on the Mediterranean, and Ain Suhne on the Red Sea,

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and the railway to Aswan in southern Egypt as well as an international airport. Twenty billion dollars will be invested in this city only in the construction of an entertainment and tourism district, where luxury resorts and 5-star hotels will be built, VIP golf courses, gardens, a planetarium, museum, sports stadium, and themed park four times bigger than Disneyland. It will be one real futuristic, smart-smart city where you won’t need money at all in cash because everything in town will be paid through cards and through a unique system that will connect all services.

Water is being prepared for the city with Nila’s underground water supply. Plans are for parliament, government, and ministries to move there by the end of 2022. and the price of the new capital is even $ 45 billion though it is mentioned that the price is even $ 58 billion. It has been declared that the construction will be funded by the private sector,

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not the state cashier and the contract with Emirate companies later was canceled and signed a new contract with companies from China. In 2019, Egypt President Abdel Fatah el Sisi opened a church in the new capital The Birth of Christ, the largest Orthodox church in Egypt and the Middle East as well as the Al Fatah Al Alim mosque in Egypt.

In addition to the new capital in Egypt, New Alamein, a new city in northwest Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea, and New Galala, a new city in the northeast of Egypt in the Gulf of Suez. It is planned to build a total of 12 new cities, so Egyptians once again showed us after pyramids, sphinx, many temples, and the Sulecki channel which is a great builder and fan of mega architectural enterprises.


The center of the new administrative capital of Egypt will have 20 skyscrapers, the largest of which will be the Obelisco Capitale,
which was designed as a pharaonic obelisk and will have a height of 1000 meters and will be the tallest building on the planet and will be completed by 2030. In the picture, you can see what he will look like.

Source of New Cairo – Wikipedia

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