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Sheraton, Hurghada

SHERATON In Hurghada

Sheraton, Hurghada

Sheraton Street / Sheraton Road Is one of the most famous streets in Hurghada. Along Sheraton is one of the main streets in the city, and is home to many modern hotels, trendy bars, tempting cafes, local shops, bazaars, shopping centers, and other businesses.

Here you will find everything you need, from fresh fruits, vegetables, and local spices to high-quality Egyptian textiles, wonderful hand-woven carpets, souvenirs, leather products, and many other interesting things.

Shops on Sheraton Street are for tourists and therefore the prices may vary a lot between the stores. There are no fixed prices, so prepare yourself to haggle.

Also located on the street are the popular McDonald’s, KFC, and the ever-popular Costa coffee, as well as Vodafone, and Orange for the much-needed tourist data sim cards.

The side streets of Sheraton Road, Sherry Street, and Sharia El Madares blossom in the evening. Here you will find more local people than tourists. Thus, it is not surprising that especially in the evenings, the majority of the people on the streets are Egyptians. Families who do their daily shopping, for whom it is simply too hot during the day.

Towards the bottom of the street/road In Sekalla, there is the marina, the yacht harbor of Hurghada. For those who simply want to take a walk in peace, the marina is recommended!

Also in the area is the El Mina Mosque, right next to Hurghada Marina. Visitors are welcome outside the prayer times. Women must borrow a Galabeya with cloth at the entrance to cover themselves.

Next to the mosque is the fishing port. Here the freshly caught fish from the Red Sea is sold.

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