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The Economic Pulse of Egypt’s Real Estate: Prices, Rents, and Yields in 2024

As we delve into the heart of 2024, Egypt’s real estate market presents a landscape of dynamic change and growth. This blog post provides a detailed report on property prices, rental rates, and investment yields across Egypt, offering a comprehensive snapshot for investors and industry stakeholders.

Real Estate

Property Prices: A Surge Amidst Economic Reforms

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The Egyptian real estate market has witnessed a significant surge in property prices. The nationwide real estate price index soared by 28.4% in February 2023 from a year earlier. This remarkable increase is attributed to the government’s liberalization of foreign land ownership rules and the introduction of public-private partnership schemes. However, when adjusted for inflation, real estate prices saw a modest decline of 2.6%, reflecting the impact of surging inflation on the market.

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In West Cairo, prices have increased by 85% compared to last year, with an expected rise of another 40% in 2024 due to rising construction materials costs and currency depreciation. These figures underscore the market’s vibrancy and hint at the challenges posed by economic factors such as inflation and currency value.

Rental Rates: Stability in the Face of Inflation

The rental market in Egypt has remained relatively stable despite fluctuations in property prices. Cost of living data suggests that rent in Egypt is, on average, 91.5% lower than in the United States. This affordability is a critical factor in the sustained demand for rental properties, particularly in urban areas where infrastructure developments have improved connectivity and accessibility.

Investment Yields: High Returns Amidst Economic Challenges

Investment yields in Egypt’s real estate sector have been attractive, with 10-year government bond yields rising to close to 27% in early February 2024. This high return rate reflects the market’s potential for robust growth despite economic challenges such as inflation and currency devaluation.

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Egyptian government bonds have emerged as one of the most robust performing investments in 2024, with gains of 29%. This performance is buoyed by expectations of substantial foreign loans and investments, which could offset slower economic growth and geopolitical uncertainties.


The Egyptian real estate market in 2024 is a testament to resilience and potential. With soaring property prices, stable rental rates, and high investment yields, the market is poised for continued growth. Investors and stakeholders are encouraged to consider the economic pulse of Egypt’s real estate sector as a barometer for strategic decision-making and long-term investment planning.

The data presented in this blog post offers a glimpse into the economic vitality of Egypt’s real estate market. For those looking to invest or participate in this sector, the current trends and statistics provide a solid foundation for informed decisions and successful ventures.

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