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Housing Market, Egypt

The Future of the Housing Market (2024-2030): Egypt Outlook

As we look towards the future of the housing market in Egypt from 2024 to 2030, several factors come into play that could shape the trajectory of home sales and housing prices. Based on recent predictions and statistics, we can create a potential outlook for the Egyptian housing market.

Housing Market, Egypt

Home Sales Predictions

Housing Market, Egypt

The global housing market is expected to experience a gradual thaw after the freeze caused by high mortgage rates in previous years. This trend will also influence the Egyptian market, with a potential rebound in existing home sales as mortgage rates decline. The sales of newly built homes may maintain their elevated market share due to builders’ ability to buy down mortgage rates and pent-up housing demand.

Housing Prices in Egypt

Housing Market, Cairo

In Egypt, the real estate market has shown signs of surge, with the nationwide real estate price index jumping 28.4% in February 2023 from a year earlier. However, when adjusted for inflation, real estate prices fell by a modest 2.6% over the same period. This indicates a complex interplay between nominal price increases and the actual value of property in the face of inflation.

Regional Variations

Housing Market, Red Sea

The average price for a residential unit varies significantly across different cities in Egypt. For instance 2023, the average cost per square meter was the highest in Sheikh Zayed City, at around 2,001 U.S. dollars. Other cities, like the 6th of October City and New Cairo, followed with lower average prices.

Factors Influencing the Market

Several external factors will likely influence the housing market in Egypt:

  • Economic Growth: Strong economic growth and government reforms, including the liberalization of foreign land ownership rules, are expected to buoy the housing market.
  • Population Growth: With a population increase of 2.5 million annually and about one million marriages yearly, Egypt has an actual demand for housing.
  • Currency Fluctuations: The devaluation of the Egyptian pound has made real estate more attractive from the perspective of wealthy Egyptians living abroad.

Looking Ahead

While it’s challenging to predict the exact future, the housing market in Egypt is poised for significant changes between 2024 and 2030. Economic policies, population dynamics, and global market trends will be crucial in shaping the landscape of home sales and housing prices. Investors and homebuyers alike should keep a close eye on these factors to navigate the market effectively.

This analysis provides a glimpse into the potential future of Egypt’s housing market. It’s important to note that market predictions are subject to change based on global economic conditions and local developments. Continuous market monitoring is essential for investing or purchasing property in Egypt.

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