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Grand Museum

The world awaits the opening of the “Grand Museum” after its trial operation

Grand Museum

The opening of the Grand Museum is approaching, and the trial operation phase has begun, while the opening is considered the most important cultural event that the new year will witness,

Grand Museum

Its area is 300 thousand square meters, and it includes exhibition halls, each of which is considered larger than the current museums in Egypt and the world.

The museum is one of the most important and greatest achievements of modern Egypt. It was established to be an integrated global cultural and entertainment edifice, and it is the first destination for everyone interested in ancient Egyptian heritage,

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as the largest museum in the world that tells the story of the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and contains distinctive and unique artifacts; Among them are the treasures of King Tutankhamun, which are displayed for the first time in full since the discovery of his tomb in November 1922, the collection of Queen Hetepheres, the mother of King Khufu,

the builder of the Great Pyramid in Giza, the Museum of King Khufu’s boats, and archaeological holdings, from the pre-dynastic era until the Greek and Roman eras.

The visitor to the museum can watch the process of re-installing the second sun boat, and it may take years to assemble it and it will not be missed by the public.

The museum includes places for cultural activities and events. Such as the Children’s Museum, the educational center, temporary exhibition halls, a cinema, the conference center, and commercial areas, including shops, cafeterias, restaurants, gardens, and parks.

Mohamed Othman, head of the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee, said that the Grand Museum is a unique tool for promoting the Egyptian tourist destination in general,

and cultural tourism in particular because it attracts a rich segment of tourists, who come to the Egyptian destination on long trips; Including visiting the pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, accepting Nile cruises, and visiting Luxor and Aswan.

He pointed out that the private sector and the government aim to increase the rate of incoming traffic and increase the sector’s income from hard currency, pointing to the need to exploit the event in developing plans and programs that increase the number of tourism nights. Especially since the museum includes a large number of artifacts,

and the presence of the Golden Pharaoh’s holdings under one roof must be exploited in the production of videos promoting an increase in flows across Egypt so that tourists can fully live the experience,

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pointing out that the expected media coverage of the event by international media and social media platforms will raise the volume of demand for the Egyptian destination, and it is an opportunity to stimulate movement in the cities of Upper Egypt, which contain antiquities of artistic and unique value.

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