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Red Sea

Tourists spot endangered ‘Dugong’ in the Red Sea.

Red Sea: A rare and endangered marine mammal, the Dugong, was seen by tourists diving on Saturday in the Abu Dabbab Bay area, north of Marsa Alam.

Red Sea

The Dugong is a gentle giant of the seas that feeds on seaweed and lives in warm coastal waters. It is protected by law because it is at risk of extinction. It is also a significant attraction for tourists who want to swim near it and take pictures.

The Dugong is found in some areas on the Egyptian coasts, such as Hurghada and Marsa Alam. According to Ahmed Ghallab, an environmental researcher in the Red Sea Reserves Authority, each region has its own Dugong that many tourist boats visit.

Ghallab explained that the Dugong has a breathing pattern that consists of three short periods of two seconds each, followed by a rest of 10 to 20 seconds. Then, the animal dives to the bottom of the ocean for two to four minutes to feed before coming up to breathe again.

Ghallab added that the reserve officials are working hard to monitor and protect the Dugongs and to ensure that the environmental procedures are followed in their habitats.

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