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Travel, 10 Cheapest Places To Retire With Good Healthcare

Travel, When choosing a retirement place, many opt for familiar surroundings close to home. However, the U.S. offers many options; retirement planning deserves careful consideration. Envision the possibility of retiring abroad, where one can immerse in new cultures and ways of life while benefiting from affordable living costs and excellent healthcare. Yahoo Finance has curated a list of the most budget-friendly retirement havens that boast quality healthcare after thorough comparisons with U.S. healthcare expenses. These destinations have been rated based on their cost of living. Discover the top 10 most economical retirement spots known for their healthcare services.

10- Bogotá, Colombia

Healthcare index: 42 / Cost of living per month: $800


Bogotá is an ideal destination for retirees who prioritize affordability without compromising healthcare quality. The city is celebrated for its exceptional medical facilities, ensuring that retirees can access top-notch healthcare services. While the public healthcare system is available, many retirees choose private health insurance for its superior quality of care. Living in Bogotá is remarkably cost-effective, with average monthly expenses around $800, allowing retirees to maintain a comfortable lifestyle on a budget. Colombia’s retirement visa program further simplifies the process for international retirees to gain residency. Beyond the financial advantages, Bogotá offers a vibrant cultural scene, a storied past, and a pleasant climate, making it a compelling choice for a cost-effective yet enriching retirement experience.

Top HospitalsFundación Valle del Lili, Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe de Medellín
Safety index33.36
Average rent price$309

9- Valletta, Malta

Healthcare index: 43 / Cost of living per month: $2,000


Valletta, the capital of Malta, stands out as a prime retirement spot, blending affordable, top-tier healthcare with the allure of Mediterranean living. While local healthcare plans are available, retirees often choose comprehensive international health insurance for the freedom to select their preferred hospitals and doctors.

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Valletta’s reputation for cutting-edge healthcare facilities means retirees can access first-rate medical care without the hefty price tag seen in many other locales. The cost of living, averaging around $2,000 monthly, is a fair trade-off for Malta’s superior quality of life. For those looking to make Malta their new home, obtaining a retirement visa offers a clear route to residency. This scenic island nation promises a rewarding retirement with health and happiness in its sun-kissed embrace.

Top HospitalsSt Thomas Hospital, DaVinci Health Ltd, Sir Paul Boffa Hospital
Safety index63.13
Average rent price$898

8- Lisbon, Portugal

Healthcare index: 47 / Cost of living per month: $2,000


Lisbon, Portugal, is an appealing retirement choice for those prioritizing value and healthcare excellence. Known for its outstanding healthcare system, Lisbon provides retirees with various medical services through public and private facilities. The cost of living in Lisbon averages about $2,000 per month, allowing retirees to live comfortably without undue financial worry. Additionally, the retirement visa process in Portugal is designed to be straightforward, enabling retirees to easily integrate into the local culture, enjoy the stunning scenery, and partake in the lively community life, all while benefiting from dependable healthcare for an enriching retirement at an economical cost.

Top HospitalsHospital Da Luz Lisboa, Hospital De Santa Maria, Hospital Curry Cabral
Safety index69.95
Average rent price$980

7- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Healthcare index: 50 / Cost of living per month: $1,200


Kuala Lumpur is a cost-effective retirement choice, with living expenses averaging just $1,200 monthly. The city’s retirement visa program facilitates a hassle-free transition for retirees looking to relocate. The healthcare system in Kuala Lumpur is noteworthy, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and proficient healthcare professionals.

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Retirees can enjoy high-quality medical services at a fraction of the cost compared to the US, providing a sense of security and well-being in their later years. It is recommended for retirees to secure private health insurance, especially for significant medical interventions and emergencies. Kuala Lumpur is an excellent option for those seeking an economical retirement without sacrificing healthcare quality.

Top HospitalsGleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Prince Court Medical Centre
Safety index38.21
Average rent price$315

6- Phuket, Thailand

Healthcare index: 51 / Cost of living per month: $1,500


Phuket, Thailand, is a magnet for retirees seeking affordability, with a modest average monthly living cost of $1,500. The country’s retirement visa programs make settling down a breeze for expatriates.

The healthcare system in Phuket is commendable, featuring modern medical infrastructure and proficient staff. Retirees can enjoy excellent healthcare services at costs much lower than those in the US, ensuring a serene and secure retirement. The island’s low cost of living, straightforward visa process, and superior healthcare facilities offer retirees a fulfilling, economically and medically sound lifestyle.

Top HospitalsBangkok Hospital Siriroj, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Vachira Phuket Hospital
Safety index57.70
Average rent price$431

5- Fortaleza, Brazil

Healthcare index: 52 / Cost of living per month: $700


Fortaleza in Brazil is a top retirement choice for those seeking affordability, quality healthcare, and easy access to retirement visas. It ranks as the fifth most economical retirement destination, with a low monthly cost of living pegged at just $700. This cost-effectiveness allows retirees to maximize their savings while enjoying a rich lifestyle.

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The city is also known for accessible healthcare services, contributing to a secure and healthy retirement. The public healthcare system, Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS), offers comprehensive care to residents and citizens. Furthermore, Brazil’s retirement visa program provides a straightforward path for retirees to establish permanent residence in this vibrant locale.

Top HospitalsHospital São Camilo Fortaleza, Hospital Regional Unimed, Hospital São Raimundo
Safety index25.01
Average rent price$240

4- Porto, Portugal

Healthcare index: 53 / Cost of living per month: $1,800


Porto, Portugal, is regarded as a premier retirement locale, celebrated for its superior healthcare system, cost-effectiveness, and enticing lifestyle. With an average living cost of $1,800 per month, Porto offers retirees economic ease. Esteemed healthcare institutions in the city provide exemplary medical services, ensuring retirees’ health and peace of mind.

Hurghada, Travel

Portugal stands out among European nations for retirement, offering private healthcare at costs significantly lower than many counterparts. Medications, including insulin, are more affordable in Portugal compared to the US. The charm of Porto is further enhanced by the availability of retirement visas, making it easier for international retirees to establish themselves. Altogether, these factors position Porto as an ideal choice for retirees seeking a harmonious mix of healthcare excellence, affordability, and friendly residency options for a rewarding retirement experience.

Top HospitalsHospital CUF Porto, Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto, Hospital da Luz Clinica do Porto
Safety index68.27
Average rent price$798

3- Cebu City, The Philippines

Healthcare index: 54 / Cost of living per month: $1,000


Cebu City in the Philippines is a top pick for retirees looking for affordability and excellent healthcare. The city’s cost of living is notably low, with an average of $1,000 per month, making it one of the most budget-friendly retirement choices. Quality healthcare facilities are readily available, providing retirees with the necessary care without a hefty price tag.

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Famed for its stunning scenery and dynamic culture, Cebu City promises a financially sustainable retirement and rich experiences. The Philippines’ retirement visa program eases the transition for retirees from abroad, inviting them to partake in the city’s allure. Once settled, retirees join PhilHealth, offering a comprehensive suite of healthcare services, from hospitalization to preventive care, ensuring a secure and healthy retirement.

Top HospitalsPerpetual Succour Hospital of Cebu, Inc., Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC), VisayasMed Hospital
Safety index48.41
Average rent price$248

2- Penang, Malaysia

Healthcare index: 55 / Cost of living per month: $1,000


Penang, Malaysia, is a standout retirement destination, known for its superb healthcare system and an affordable average monthly cost of living at $1,000. It’s a cost-effective alternative to the US, with renowned medical facilities and expert healthcare practitioners ensuring retirees receive high-quality care. Penang provides a mix of private and public healthcare options; private hospitals and clinics boast modern amenities and professional staff, while the public healthcare sector offers government-operated clinics and hospitals.

Top HospitalsPantai Hospital Penang, Gleneagles Hospital, Penang, Island Hospital Penang
Safety index69.07
Average rent price$284

1- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Healthcare index: 56 / Cost of living per month: $1,200


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Chiang Mai, Thailand, ranks as a premier retirement destination for those seeking affordability paired with quality healthcare. Renowned for its cost-effective living, the city boasts an average monthly expense of just $1,200 without compromising the standard of healthcare services. Set against Thailand’s natural beauty and cultural richness, Chiang Mai provides a financially sustainable and enriching retirement. Healthcare costs in the city’s many hospitals are significantly lower than in the US, adding to its appeal among expatriates who appreciate the low living costs, vibrant culture, and readily available, high-quality healthcare.

Top HospitalsLanna Hospital Chiang MaiBangkok Hospital Chiang MaiSriphat Medical Center Chiang Mai
Safety index76.50
Average rent price$217

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