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Travel, 10 Safest Countries To Visit In 2024, According To The Global Law & Order Index

Travel: If you’re planning your next trip, you might want to know which destinations are safe and secure in a changing world. The Global Law & Order Index ranks the world’s safest countries to visit based on data and surveys that measure crime, law enforcement, and public safety. Here are the top picks for 2024 according to the index.

10- Indonesia

Law and Order Index Rating: 90


Indonesia is a cultural wonderland with 17,508 islands to explore. Its rich history reflects the influence of many invaders and merchants over time.

The Global Law and Order report ranks Indonesia as one of the safest countries to visit in 2024. It considers factors like crime and public safety to show how Indonesia maintains law and order.

Travel to Denmark

  • Global Crime Index: 6.38
  • Top attractions: Beaches of Bali , Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud , Komodo’s pink beach , Borobudur Temple
  • Best time to visit Indonesia in 2024: Between April and October for warm and dry weather

9- Denmark

Law and Order Index Rating: 90


Denmark is a safe country with a strong legal, healthcare, and anti-corruption system.

It is also a safe tourist spot with a low crime rate. This Northern European country is known for its happy people and its politics.

  • Global Crime Index: 3.86
  • Top attractions: Nyhavn , Tivoli Gardens , Tours of Rosenborg Castle
  • Best time to visit Denmark in 2024: Summer for warm, sunny weather

8- Switzerland

Law and Order Index Rating: 91

Switzerland is a country that knows how to stay out of trouble and protect itself. With its strong and modern infrastructure, and its long history of neutrality, Switzerland is a safe haven in a chaotic world. That’s why it ranks among the top countries in the Global Law & Order report for 2024.

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But Switzerland is not only safe, it’s also beautiful and fun. It has amazing natural landscapes, charming towns, and a high quality of life. Whether you want to explore the lakes of Geneva, enjoy the culture of Zurich, or hit the slopes of the Swiss Alps, Switzerland has something for everyone.

  • Global Crime Index: 4.34
  • Top attractions: Lakes in Geneva , Lucerne , Zurich , Flower Gardens , St. Moritz
  • Best time to visit Switzerland in 2024: Between April and October for warmer weather, or winter for skiing

7- Vietnam

Law and Order Index Rating: 92

Vietnam is a gem of Southeast Asia that has risen from the ashes of a devastating war to become one of the most peaceful and beautiful countries in the world. According to the Global Law & Order Index, Vietnam is expected to be the safest country in Asia to visit in 2024.

It is also the seventh most tranquil nation globally. Vietnam offers visitors a rich and diverse culture, as well as stunning natural scenery, from the lush green rice terraces to the majestic limestone karsts. Vietnam is a country that deserves more attention and appreciation from the world.

  • Global Crime Index: 6.28
  • Top attractions: Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue
  • Best time to visit Vietnam in 2024: Between November and April for the dry season

6- Norway

Law and Order Index Rating: 92

Norway is a country that has always valued peace and stability. It has a strong legal system, a low crime rate, and a generous social welfare system that make it a great choice for those who seek safety. But Norway is not only safe, it’s also spectacular. It has some of the best views of the northern lights, the magical phenomenon that lights up the sky in winter. Many travelers are drawn to Norway by the allure of the aurora borealis, which adds to the beauty of this amazing country.

Travel to Luxembourg

  • Global Crime Index: 3.81
  • Top attractions: Oslo , Tromsø and the land of the northern lights , Lofoten , Nordland
  • Best time to visit Norway in 2024: Summer for sunnier, warmer weather, and winter for skiing and snow activities

5- Luxembourg

Law and Order Index Rating: 92

Luxembourg is a tiny but mighty European country that nestles between Germany, France, and Belgium. It boasts a splendid medieval capital, Luxembourg City, where visitors can admire the charming Old Quarter, the grand Grand Ducal Palace, and the impressive National Museum of History and Art.

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Luxembourg is also one of the world’s safest places to travel, not only in Europe. It has very low risks and crime rates, making it a perfect destination for a worry-free vacation. Luxembourg is a country where tourists can enjoy the peace and beauty of a small but prosperous nation.

  • Global Crime Index: 2.36
  • Top attractions: Le Chemin de la Corniche , Cathédrale Notre-Dame , Grund
  • Best time to visit Luxembourg in 2024: May, June, or September for warm, sunny weather

4- Kuwait

Law and Order Index Rating: 92

Kuwait is a country that offers both safety and culture to its visitors. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and tourists rarely face any violence or harassment. Kuwait also has a wealth of cultural heritage, and its capital, Kuwait City, is a showcase of modern architecture, with the iconic Kuwait Towers as its landmark. Kuwait has many museums and historic sites to explore, from ancient ruins to contemporary art.

Travel to Iceland

  • Global Crime Index: 5.14
  • Top attractions: Tareq Rajab Museum , Souq Mubarakiya , Grand Mosque
  • Best time to visit Kuwait in 2024: Between November and April for comfortable weather

3- Iceland

Law and Order Index Rating: 92

Iceland is a country that prides itself on being one of the most peaceful in the world. It has a strong sense of community and solidarity among its people. Iceland also has very low crime rates, and its isolated location protects it from any potential threats. Iceland is a land of natural wonders and surreal beauty, where visitors can marvel at the glaciers, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and volcanoes that shape its landscape.

Travel to Finland

  • Global Crime Index: 3.39
  • Top attractions: Hallgrimskirkja , Gullfoss Waterfall , Blue Lagoon
  • Best time to visit Iceland in 2024: Between September and March for snowy activities or June and August for warmer weather

2- Finland

Law and Order Index Rating: 92

Finland is a country that takes good care of its people and its security. It has a strong culture of trust and cooperation that reflects its stable institutions and active role in peacekeeping. Finland has built a reputation as a safe and reliable country on the global stage. The Global Law & Order report ranks Finland as the second-safest country in the world for tourists to visit in 2024.

Travel to Tajikistan

  • Global Crime Index: 2.71
  • Top attractions: Suomenlinna Fortress , Esplanadi , Rovaniemi
  • Best time to visit Finland in 2024: Between May and September for sunnier, warmer weather, or winter for snowy activities


Law and Order Index Rating: 96

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