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Travel, 12 Friendliest Countries In The World, According To Statistics.

Travel: When visiting new destinations, travelers often seek to delve into both the iconic landmarks and the local culture. Interaction with the country’s inhabitants is crucial to this immersive experience.

However, this is not always straightforward. Some nations may not be as open to the influx of tourists, potentially leading to awkward encounters. Fortunately, there are countries around the globe where the locals are warm and hospitable, eager to bridge language gaps and cultural differences to make visitors feel welcome.

By synthesizing data from US News rankings of the friendliest countries and the World Population Review’s similar list—compiled from surveys of international travelers and discussions on various online platforms—these nations stand out as the most amiable, ideal for a short visit or a more permanent stay.

12- Netherlands


Egypt, Travel

The Netherlands is widely recognized for its high rankings in various happiness indices, attributed to its excellent standard of living, efficient public transport system, and intense focus on health and well-being. These factors contribute significantly to the nation’s appeal, attracting visitors eager to immerse themselves in its joyful culture.

The country’s cheerful disposition is reflected in its people, who prioritize community, health, and work-life balance. This emphasis on well-being and social harmony makes the Netherlands an attractive destination for tourists and those considering a more permanent move.

  • What Makes The Netherlands So Friendly: Tight-knit community, Open-Minded, Welcoming Culture, Healthy Way of Life, Good Work-Life Balance
  • Friendliest City in The Netherlands: Maastricht

11- Finland


While Europe boasts numerous sought-after tourist hotspots, the inherent reserve of its inhabitants may sometimes be perceived as unwelcoming by those unacquainted with the local customs.

However, Finland stands out with its hospitable approach for those searching for a more cordial reception in Europe (climate aside). Echoing the sentiment of other amiable nations, the Finns report a high standard of living and a profound sense of community. These attributes render Finland an appealing choice for extended stays, especially for those aiming to integrate into the local workforce.

  • What Makes Finland So Friendly: High Standard of Living, Welcoming to Contributing Members Regardless of Background, More Out-going Population (relative to other Nordic Countries)
  • Friendliest City in Finland: Helsinki

10- Greece


Cairo, Travel

Greece’s picturesque coastal villages and distinctive Mediterranean islands, including one named the world’s most beautiful destination in 2024, attract global travelers. The nation’s charm is further enhanced by its reputation as one of the friendliest countries.

As one of the select nations in the top 10 of US News and World Population Review’s friendliness rankings, Greece saw more than 17 million visitors in the first half of 2023 alone. The warm hospitality of the Greeks is deeply rooted in their rich cultural heritage, a source of immense pride for the locals. Their passion for sharing their storied past wins the hearts of tourists and encourages many to return.

  • What Makes Greece So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, Strong Cultural Heritage, Tourist-Oriented Economy, and Businesses
  • Friendliest City in Greece: Athens

9- Ireland


Ireland’s lush landscapes, inviting pubs at every turn, and deep-seated cultural heritage naturally foster a friendly atmosphere. It’s no wonder Ireland is celebrated for its hot and talkative residents.

The Irish are renowned for their genial nature, yet they are also known for their straightforwardness and honesty. For those seeking authentic Irish warmth, simply stepping into a local pub and engaging with the people there is the perfect way to experience it.

  • What Makes Ireland So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, Love For Conversation, Amazing Pub Culture, Laid-Back Nature, Hospitality
  • Friendliest City in Ireland: Cork

8- Portugal


Africa, Travel

Portugal’s modest size belies its grand impact, notably in its warmth to those who visit. Celebrated in the top 10 rankings by US News and World Population Review, Portugal is acclaimed for its amiable locals and relaxed vibe. This hospitable nature drew more than 22 million tourists in 2022, captivated by the nation’s inviting and comfortable am.

Porto, the coastal gem, shines as a beacon of friendliness within Portugal. It’s especially favored by female travelers and others seeking a secure and friendly atmosphere. Along with various other towns, Porto crafts a hospitable milieu that positions Portugal among the most welcoming countries in Europe and the globe.

Additionally, Portugal is an economic retirement haven, offering excellent healthcare and an attractive option for retirees seeking a picturesque and affordable residence.

  • What Makes Portugal So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, Expat-Friendly Towns, Tourist-Oriented Economy, Wide Variety of Activities for All
  • Friendliest City in Portugal: Porto

7- Costa Rica


Costa Rica has garnered a reputation as a welcoming haven in Central America. The locals are enthusiastic about sharing their heritage and homeland with visitors, and the robust tourism sector is pivotal in helping foreigners feel at home, regardless of language barriers.

Online feedback from the World Population Review highlights the extraordinary lengths Costa Ricans go to in accommodating expatriates. Moreover, the country’s diverse and stunning attractions are readily accessible, even to those who feel like outsiders, underscoring Costa Rica’s status as one of the most hospitable nations on the planet. Furthermore, the Global Retirement Index has recognized Costa Rica as the premier destination for retirement in 2024, owing to its many appealing qualities.

  • What Makes Costa Rica So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, Expat-Friendly Towns, Tourist-Oriented Economy, Wide Variety of Activities for All
  • Friendliest City in Costa Rica: San José

6- The Philippines


Hurghada, Travel

The Philippines is renowned for its affordability, offering numerous budget-friendly destinations across the archipelago. But the allure of this island nation goes beyond just cost-effectiveness. Wherever travelers choose to unwind along its stunning beaches, they are met with the warm hospitality of locals keen to make it memorable.

Although English is not the official language, a significant majority of the population—over 92%—are proficient in English, facilitating smoother communication and contributing to the overall welcoming atmosphere. This linguistic proficiency greatly enhances the country’s expatriates, who find it easier to establish long-term residence amidst the PhilippiPhilippines’s environment. Additionally, the Philippines stands out as one of the most economical English-speaking locales for retirement or exile, offering a low cost of living that is particularly attractive compared to Western standards.

  • What Makes the Philippines So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, Tourist-Oriented Economy, English-speaking Local Population, Wide Variety of Activities to Enjoy
  • Friendliest City in the Philippines: Manila

5- Canada


Canada’s reputation for friendliness is so ingrained it’s almost symbolic of the nation. This stereotype is underpinned by Canadians’ high quality of life and general contentment. Canadians are known for their willingness to share their positive way of life with locals and visitors alike.

Toronto, in particular, stands out as a paragon of hospitality. According to the Community Spirit Index of the language-learning platform Preply, it has been recognized as the world’s friendliest city. The city is known for its inclusive attitude towards foreigners, non-native speakers, the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone else who arrives. The people of Toronto are renowned for their readiness to welcome everyone into community life.

  • What Makes Canada So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, High Standard of Living, Inclusive Community, Strong Sense of Community
  • Friendliest City in Canada: Toronto

4- Mexico


Red Sea, Travel

Mexico’s allure as a vibrant and varied destination is so compelling that many visitors opt to transition their holiday stays into permanent residencies. The nation is lauded as one of the most hospitable in the world for tourists and expatriates seeking a new place to call home.

Moreover, Mexico is a favored choice for retirees pursuing a sunny locale to enjoy their retirement years. Despite the perception of danger in some Mexican cities due to elevated crime rates, numerous safe havens exist for retirees, such as Mérida, which is acclaimed as the best city in Mexico for retirees. Mérida and other towns like Guadalajara—known for its LGBTQ±friendly environment—are eager to accommodate newcomers of all backgrounds. Additionally, for those dreaming of a coastal retirement without high costs, Mexico offers a plethora of picturesque beachside towns ideal for a serene retirement.

Mexico’s reputation for hospitality is boundless, establishing it as an inviting country for all visitors.

  • What Makes Mexico So Friendly: Welcoming Locals, Expat Friendly Towns, Tourist-Oriented Economy, Strong Cultural Heritage, LGBTQ+ Friendly Towns and Activities
  • Friendliest City in Mexico: San Miguel de Allende

3- New Zealand


With its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, New Zealand is also recognized as the world’s third most welcoming country. Endearingly referred to as Kiwis, the locals are celebrated for their friendly hospitality and relaxed demeanor. The nation’s varied cultural background, picturesque vistas, and laid-back way of life naturally attract tourists.

Adventurers can enjoy mountain hikes, city thrills, serene lake views, or a simple coffee chat with a Kiwi. Visitors to New Zealand invariably find a sense of belonging and comfort, embraced by the country’s hospitable spirit.

  • What Makes New Zealand So Friendly: Hospitality, Equality, Rich Cultural Experiences, Laid-Back Lifestyle, Helpfulness, Quality of Environment
  • Friendliest City in New Zealand: Wellington

2- Taiwan


Soma Bay, Travel

Though compact and crowded, Taiwan stands out for its residents’ willingness to assist visitors despite language differences. Its culture, which shares similarities with Western traditions, helps to lessen the impact of culture shock, making it a more inviting place for travelers.

Anecdotes from surveys reveal the lengths Taiwanese people go to aid non-native guests, such as utilizing translation apps or contacting acquaintances to guide those disoriented. These acts of kindness contribute to Taiwan’s reputation as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

  • What Makes Taiwan So Friendly: Helpful Locals, High Standard of Living, Public Transportation, Unique Cultural Experiences
  • Friendliest City in Taiwan: New Taipei

1- Australia


Australia is renowned for its relaxed and friendly vibe, evident to visitors throughout the country, from bustling urban centers to quaint rural locales. Australians are known for their readiness to engage in conversation and assist those disoriented.

The nation’s reputation for hospitality is well-documented, with Australia being named the friendliest country in the world in 2024. Melbourne, in particular, has been spotlighted as the world’s most amiable city by TimeOut in December 2022.

Sydney also enjoys a high standing in terms of friendliness, sharing the top spot with Toronto in Preply’s Community Spirit Index. The vibrant and contented residents, along with an inclusive environment for diverse groups and top-notch attractions and accommodations, contribute to the cities and, by extension, Australia’s image as an exceptionally welcoming destination.

  • What Makes Australia So Friendly: Helpful Locals, English-speaking Population, High Local Personal Satisfaction, Wide Variety of Activities to Try, Numerous Top-Ranked Friendly Cities
  • Friendliest City in Australia: Melbourne

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