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Travel, 52 Places to Go in 2024

Travel, On April 8, a total solar eclipse will create a celestial spectacle from Mazatlán’s sandy shores to Maberly’s secluded inlets, casting North America under its shadow. This eclipse will be particularly grand, with the moon at one of its nearest points to Earth, making the path of totality both broader and longer than usual.

Travel to North America

A trio of nations—Mexico, Canada, and thirteen states in the U.S.—will welcome the eclipse with festive events. In Mazatlán, the Portal Eclipse Festival is set to enhance spiritual connections through music, yoga, and more. Meanwhile, NASA’s live broadcast will emanate from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where an entrance fee of $15 includes participation in a festival and a pair of eclipse glasses, aptly named the Greatest Spectacles. Across the border, near the majestic Niagara Falls, Cosmologists Without Borders will host an array of astronomical activities. For the adventurous souls, a nocturnal race in Millinocket, Maine, awaits those willing to navigate the path with headlamps.

1- The Path of Totality, North America

Dance, gawk, or run in the dark, but don’t look directly at the sun

2- Paris, France

Preparing for the Olympics, and millions of sports lovers


Paris, which already enjoys a reputation as one of the most sought-after destinations globally, is gearing up for an influx of visitors this summer as it gears up to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This event is set to be the most significant sporting spectacle in the city’s annals, with numerous iconic landmarks transforming to serve as venues for sports and festivities.

Japan, best places to Travel

For the first time in Olympic history, the opening ceremony will unfold in the open air, set along the scenic banks of the River Seine and near the Eiffel Tower. The serene waters of the Pont d’Iéna will serve as the dramatic setting for outdoor swimming and para-triathlon competitions. The Grand Palais, famed for its expansive glass dome, is currently under renovation to become the venue for fencing and taekwondo. The stately gardens of the Château de Versailles will metamorphose into a picturesque backdrop for equestrian events. Moreover, Place de la Concorde is poised to host the inaugural Olympic break dancing events alongside other urban sports like skateboarding and 3×3 basketball.

Adding to the city’s festive atmosphere, Paris, in conjunction with Normandy, commemorates the 150th anniversary of the inaugural Impressionist exhibition. The Musée d’Orsay is set to showcase “Paris 1874: The Impressionist Moment” from March 26 to July 14, featuring 130 pieces that reflect the artistic movement’s portrayal of an evolving metropolis. Additionally, the Notre Dame Cathedral, which suffered extensive damage from a fire in 2019, is slated to reopen its doors to the public on December 8, 2024.

3- Yamaguchi, Japan

Savor the temples and the cuisine and skip the crowds.


Yamaguchi, often dubbed the ‘Kyoto of the West,’ stands out as a unique destination with fewer tourists. Nestled in a slender valley between the Inland and Japan seas, this quaint city of roughly 190,000 residents boasts a rich tapestry of experiences.

The city’s pride, Rurikoji Temple, with its immaculate gardens and striking five-tiered pagoda, is deemed a national treasure. Meandering through Yamaguchi’s narrow lanes, one encounters a diverse array of attractions: from the traditional pottery kilns like Mizunoue at Toshunji Temple to the trendy cafés such as Log and Coffeeboy, as well as the classic Haraguchi. A delightful selection of intimate eateries also offers oden, the comforting one-pot dish. A mere 15-minute stroll southward leads to the tranquil hot springs of Yuda Onsen.

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As an alternative to Kyoto’s bustling Gion summer festival, Yamaguchi has hosted its historic version for six centuries. The Yamaguchi Gion Festival, resplendent with parades, costumes, and dance, is set to return in July 2024 to its full glory for the first time since the pre-pandemic days.

4- New Zealand by Train

Riding the rails through vineyards, volcanoes, and snow-capped peaks


Embarking on a camper van journey across New Zealand is the quintessential adventure for the nomadic. However, a more eco-friendly and effortless alternative is to traverse the country by rail. Consider a 17-day rail odyssey aboard the Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, and TranzAlpine services provided by Great Journeys, KiwiRail’s tourism arm.

The voyage commences in Auckland, taking passengers through awe-inspiring landscapes such as Tongariro National Park’s volcanic formations and the cultural treasures of Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. The itinerary includes a ferry crossing the Cook Strait to the South Island, where travelers join the Coastal Pacific train.

Train is more safe for Travel

This leg offers a scenic journey past premier vineyards and rugged coastal lines, with opportunities for marine wildlife observation, culminating in Christchurch. The final stretch aboard the TranzAlpine traverses the verdant Canterbury Plains before ascending the majestic Southern Alps, offering vistas of snow-dusted peaks, dynamic rivers, and serene alpine lakes. Guests enjoy stays in luxurious four-star accommodations at various junctures. Anticipated in the upcoming spring are train carriages outfitted with sumptuous reclining seats, expansive windows, and ceilings partially crafted from glass, enhancing the panoramic experience.

5- Maui, Hawaii

A mindful resurgence of tourism after a catastrophic fire


Maui, the beloved Hawaiian island known for its vibrant visitor scene, faced a severe crisis last summer when wildfires swept through its western regions, tragically claiming lives and destroying the historic town of Lahaina. The aftermath led to a temporary halt in nonessential travel, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the island’s primary industry—tourism.

Travel and Invest

While Lahaina’s recovery is ongoing, Maui’s doors are open again, inviting guests to its serene spots and activities. Kihei’s Kamaole State Beach Park offers perfect conditions for snorkeling and turtle sightings. Kapalua’s trails provide peaceful walks up north amidst lava formations and ocean vistas. Beyond the reach of the wildfires, Haleakala National Park stands as a testament to Maui’s enduring natural beauty. Moreover, visitors can contribute positively by aiding those affected by the wildfires through volunteer work.

6- The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Honoring the sacred Indigenous land around the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon National Park, a staple on many adventurers’ lists, has gained an additional allure with the establishment of the Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni, or Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument. This new monument safeguards approximately 900,000 acres of diverse terrain encircling the Grand Canyon. It is a sacred expanse that over a dozen Indigenous tribes call their ancestral home, and it protects over 3,000 Native cultural and historical sites, underscoring the profound spiritual resonance of the land.

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To truly honor the spirit of the place, consider engaging with the local Native American community through an exhilarating Colorado River journey with the Hualapai River Runners. This white-water rafting venture is guided by members of the Hualapai Tribe, offering an authentic connection to the river’s heritage. And as you traverse the Grand Canyon, whether at its depths or along its rim, remember to gaze skyward: the skies are graced by the California condor, North America’s largest avian, which has been brought back from the brink of extinction, now thriving with a population over 100, thanks to dedicated conservation efforts.

7- Singapore

New hotels and advanced biometric technology enhance visits.


Since gaining independence in 1965, Singapore has relentlessly pursued modernization. Today, the city-state is renowned for its delectable cuisine, distinctive architecture, and an airport that sets global standards. Singapore is witnessing a surge in luxury accommodations, with Edition unveiling a 204-room establishment in the bustling Orchard Road area and the Standard slated to welcome guests later in the year. Iconic establishments like the Mandarin Oriental and Grand Hyatt are set to return after extensive refurbishments.

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Changi Airport, too, is expanding its horizons. With the reopening of Terminal 2 in November, featuring state-of-the-art automated check-in kiosks, baggage drops, and immigration lanes, the terminal’s capacity has skyrocketed to accommodate 28 million passengers annually. Changi is poised to enhance the passenger experience further by integrating cutting-edge biometric and facial recognition technologies, streamlining the departure process without the need for passports.

8- O’Higgins, Chile

Sample delectable local foods while connecting with rural farmers


In the region just south of Santiago, a collective of local culinary artisans, vintners, and farmers have united to safeguard their campesino heritage amidst environmental challenges and undervalued customs. Their collaboration, dubbed Ruta de los Abastos, launched in late 2023. It offers immersive gastronomic experiences that introduce visitors to the area’s beekeepers, oyster cultivators, and other local producers.

Travel and you will have gastronomic experiences

The initiative has invigorated markets and eateries, such as El Abasto in Rancagua, and vineyard-adjacent dining spots like Food and Wine Studio and Viña Vik, which showcase the region’s bounty, including homegrown lamb, Cáhuil coastal salt, and the traditional chacolí wine. Along the shores of Pichilemu and Punta de Lobos, where minimalist lodges like Hotel Alaia dot the landscape, the culinary scene is crowned by Mareal and similar venues, serving locally sourced seafood paired with organic wines.

9- Ladakh, India

Trek to mountaintop monasteries and savor a stark and rugged landscape


Ladakh, often called the ‘Land of High Passes,’ is a region of stark natural beauty between the towering Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges. Known for its remote villages and timeless landscapes, Ladakh is a place seemingly untouched by the passage of time.

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However, recent administrative developments have significantly enhanced the region’s infrastructure and accessibility. The Atal Tunnel, an engineering marvel, now bypasses the notorious Rohtang Pass, transforming a difficult journey of several hours into a swift 20-minute drive. This improvement has made Ladakh’s breathtaking vistas, crystal-clear lakes, and rich cultural heritage, including Buddhist monasteries, more accessible than ever. In Leh, Ladakh’s largest city, visitors can explore bustling markets, numerous museums, and a remarkable nine-story palace. New hiking and trekking paths in Leh and the Zanskar Valley offer adventurers many opportunities to explore this rugged terrain.

10- Geneva, Switzerland

Satisfy your curiosity about quantum physics and your cravings for chocolate


11- Dominica, The Caribbean

A bird’s-eye view of rainforests, reefs, and a boiling lake


12- Manchester, England

New concert venues open in a music-mad city


13- Craters of the Moon, Idaho

Celebrate a centennial amid cinder cones and star parties


14- Baltimore, Maryland

Explore urban waterways and an array of Native artwork


15- Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Crunching or splashing across the world’s largest salt flat under starry nights and mirrored skies


16- Negombo, Sri Lanka

A fishing village with stunning temples and plenty of seaside delights


17- Massa-Carrara, Italy

See the home of the marble that makes the masterpieces

Pontremoli, Massa-Carrara, Toskana, Italien, Europa

18- Bannau Brycheiniog, Wales

Conserving Welsh culture among scenic mountains


19- Morocco

Support local recovery in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake


20- Valencia, Spain

Contemporary art with a side of paella


21- Kansas City, Missouri

Women’s soccer takes center stage in a heartland hub


22- Antananarivo, Madagascar

Textiles and contemporary art flourish on an island known for its natural wonders


23- Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

A new train makes remote sites more accessible


24- Lake Toba, Indonesia

Bask in the serenity of the world’s largest crater lake


25- Almaty, Kazakhstan

Luxe baths, kaleidoscopic cathedrals, and hyper-contemporary food


26- Quito, Ecuador

Ride a brand-new Metro line through nearly 500 years of history


27- Mingan Archipelago, Quebec, Canada

Sea-sculpted monoliths, puffins, and Indigenous heritage


28- Montgomery, Alabama, USA

A new sculpture park is dedicated to both slavery and emancipation


29- Tasmania, Australia

Where foraging for ingredients is part of the local flavor


30- Waterford, Ireland

Viking history and a newly expanded rail path


31- Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Celebrate Africa’s most successful elephant rehabilitation program


32- Brasília, Brazil

A Modernist capital reopens its architectural gems


33- El Salvador

Savor local flavors of corn, coffee, and more in a fast-changing country

34- Koh Ker, Cambodia

A vast 10th-century temple complex gains UNESCO status

35- Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland


Take a battery-powered boat to the world’s largest puffin colony

36- Montevideo, Uruguay

South America’s most laid-back capital turns 300

37- Mustang, Nepal

A remote citadel of Tibetan culture cracks open the gate

38- Vienna, Austria

A grand reopening in the city where the waltz became famous

39- Brisbane, Australia

Food, art, and vertiginous views in a city gearing up for its Olympic moment

40- Pasadena, California

An artsy, walkable corner of Los Angeles County that’s worth the Metro ride

41- Hurghada, Egypt

Dive in the rich underwater world of the Red Sea

42- Boundary Waters, Minnesota

A protected watershed, but for how long?

43- Thessaloniki, Greece

An ancient seaside city gets decked out in rainbows

44- Normandy, France

Celebrating a region’s role in the Impressionist art movement

45- Grenada, The Caribbean

White sands and underwater art on an island of timeless charm

46- El Camino de Costa Rica

A coast-to-coast trek with cloud forests, local chocolate, and more

47- Albanian Alps

Rugged peaks where hikers wander, and shepherds roam

48- Whitehorse, Yukon

For Northern Lights viewers, a warm welcome in a remote capital

49- Choquequirao, Peru

An archaeological wonder reachable only on foot, for now

50- Dresden, Germany

Romantic landscapes and an avant-garde treasure trove in a city long on the mend

51- Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Welcoming endangered insects in verdant forests

52- Flamingo, Florida


Rediscover a beloved lodge in the heart of the Everglades

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