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Hurghada Marina

What makes Marina the best place to visit in Hurghada Egypt?

The Hurghada Marina project is considered to be one of the biggest and most splendid projects in Hurghada, Egypt. It was designed by the Sorgreah Consultants in France while the project’s overall consultancy services were carried out by the ASA consultants in Egypt

The Hurghada Marina is clean, safe, and great atmosphere there. We can recommend Hurghada Marina to everyone who visits or live in Hurghada. It is ideal for an evening outing with family, friends, or couples. It is a place that everyone should visit while in Hurghada. and the best time to visit and see Hurghada Marina is an evening when people meet for dinner or drinks. You can find plenty of good restaurants, bars, and cafes along the way along Marina Street


What makes Marina the best place to visit in Hurghada Egypt?

Hurghada Marina is one of the best places to visit in Hurghada for everyone. It is suitable for people with special needs and you can move around easily with a wheelchair and prams.

The kids love the Marina as there are lots of huge boats. People from all over the world sail to the marina by boat. Trust me, some boats are enormous. You believe him when you see him.

Us, we are from the cooler parts of the world, and these big boats are something we only see on TV and in photos.

Sailing boat trip

If you want to take your Marina experience to the next level, visit the Pirate Boat. There is a restaurant and you can also take a day boat trip. The boat is at the marina in the evening, but during the day you sail at sea

Hurghada Marina

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